At least half of all burglaries are due to intrusions through the door. So unless you want to hire a security guard, it is very necessary to have a sturdy door, already armored or armored. It is a key element to protect our home, ie to make our home safe and we seek welfare. We all know that the thieves opened the door with credit cards or radiographs. So when buying a door we must ensure that they are not vulnerable to these actions. For proper corporate security, the armored solution you choose is very important. We told you the difference between both types of doors.

The armored steel reinforcement up about two millimeters thick and sturdy locks consist of steel bars. Thanks to these bars the door is anchored preventing the passage of credit cards and even levers. To force them have to break the steel blade and lock at a time.

However, usually the weakest part is the lock, which is easy to break with a loud bang. Another weak point is the door frame wood. The prices of a security door are quite lower than those of an armored door, which are much safer. But, as with everything, a low price means the door is poor. The key to an armored door is made ​​to measure.

The armored doors are fitted on the inside with steel rods and two steel plates two millimeters. Furthermore the framework and also riled up this material. The lock is “insurmountable” and doesn’t give problems in life. Some are more or less seals, thermal and acoustic insulation and other safety accessories, depending on the model chosen.

The choice of an armored or armored door depend a lot on if you have many valuables in the house. Be advised by the experts to make you make a door for you depending on your needs.