Advice for transporters regarding safety at work

Some of the safety advice for truckers in the development of their work, goes through the following issues:

Techniques to maintain the alert level. The cab of the truck should be kept at a cool temperature. The background music with a fast rhythm will also keep our attention on our feet, and open the windows regularly so that the air and other noises will be actions that will serve to clear the mind.

Driving times. Another issue to consider in the face of the safety of truck drivers and drivers in the development of their work is related to driving times and rest. Thus, as marked by the Ministry of Development, after driving for a maximum of 4 hours and a half, the driver must make a break of at least 45 minutes. On the other hand, you cannot exceed 9 hours of daily driving.

Emergency kit. It is advisable to take a kit with non-perishable food, water to maintain good hydration, tools, a flashlight and warm clothes for what may happen.

Prevention. In the work of a transporter the attention on the road must always be the first thing, and staying alert about possible accidents will also be paramount. It must be borne in mind that if it is necessary to reduce the speed when finding an accident, the vehicle does not take the same time to react if it is a tourist than a truck. In addition, it may also be advisable to use the engine brake, especially on long slopes, since the wear of the brake pads will be avoided.

Security. Another security problem that a transporter can encounter is presented at the time of his night breaks. The best thing will be to park in a guarded area and put all five senses and caution when talking about the merchandise that is transported.