Take a vacation and leave your home safe

The whole family can go on vacation is an activity that will leave the best memories of all its members, but the thrill of being able to do it sometimes makes people forget that, while they are traveling, your home (your estate) is will be completely alone, which can leave it more exposed to being stolen.

The highest rate of burglaries recorded during the absence of its inhabitants and committed people who previously knew the movements of the inhabitants.

Therefore, it considered it important to follow simple preventive measures during the holidays, for only thus can make the difference between avoiding you and your assets are victims of crime and become a smaller number of criminal statistic that grows annually.

The alarms serve to prevent something bad from happening, to detect it on time and to alert about what’s going on.

Therefore, alarm systems and remote video surveillance are the ideal tools to minimize risks during absences from home because of the holidays.

Are several solutions at very reasonable prices in the market. Compact and smart cameras, ideal for the safety of domestic environments or for small businesses, stores, restaurants and hotels, which offer excellent image quality and professional monitoring.

There are alternatives that can be accessed from anywhere, either on your computer, tablet or smart phone, live images or recorded with extraordinary image quality digital HDTV.

Are very outdated alarm systems, because only emit a sound but do not communicate with anyone; from the foregoing, it should be monitored more whole house through certain electronic devices, even if you are away. There are many technologies that can hire, they are constantly more sophisticated, so increasingly provide greater security. For example, you can now monitor everything from where you are via the Internet.

Are physical devices that cost from 265 $ (this package could be for very small properties with very low risk level) to more than 2,000 $ for very large buildings. Note that must also pay the monthly fee for monitoring your property. These can range from 250 $ to 700 $ for. You have the possibility of doing the initial outlay for equipment and paying it can go slowly with their monthly payments.

If you have an alarm monitoring service, contact your security company before going on vacation, and make sure all your personal data, as well as emergency contacts, are to-date.

If I have hired someone to clean your home or any other service, is satisfied to teach the proper use of their alarm.

Rest days should be days when we have the peace of mind that in our absence everything still works in the best way possible.

Take precautions before leaving

  • Stay home for at least vulnerable possible, when traveling it is recommended that: Do not discuss his absence strangers.
  • Ask someone you trust pick up your mail. Accumulating correspondence or propaganda is a clear indication that you are not at home.
  • Check that they have secured all windows and doors before leaving home.
  • It has good lighting outside your home, it is recommended to have a sensor lighting.
  • Install a timer or photocell to light a couple of interior lights that are appreciated from the outside overnight.
  • Do not leave ladders or tools like external paddles, as they can be used to enter your home.
  • Temporarily hire a service company rounds with a serious and professional private security, so at least do two rounds during the day. Ask to see evidence of the service delivered (photos via cell phone).
  • Place a high security lock, also pin the door.
  • Avoid announce that goes on vacation, especially on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Inform your trusted neighbor’s plans to go on holiday to enable them to notify the authorities if observing something unusual.
  • Provide the number of cell phone or landline of a family member.
  • Do not leave your house keys available to people extranets.

Stay protected with a security company

Please note that hiring a security company will allow you to receive advice regarding instillation of electronic security equipment in your home or your business. They will tell you what the best alarms and best the security cameras available for you and which really fit your needs and your pocket.

In addition, the contracts a security company your alarm is connected to a central monitoring station that directly monitor all events that occur in your home thanks to intelligent technology alarms home and business alarms.

Experts will give tips to avoid falling victim to attacks and will also have access to an Internet user even to calculate what your risks are being attacked.

In addition, you also get to hire a security company 24-hour surveillance by tracking your mobile phone, dial emergency keys, security applications you can install on your phone and of course monitoring activities of your system alarms.

By hiring a security company in you also receive advice on security through personalized telephone in which experts will give tips to avoid falling victim to attacks and will also have access to an Internet user even to calculate what your risk of being attacked.

So that the best way to be safe is hiring the services of a security company. Monitoring and home alarms and alarms for business are affordable and there are variety of alternatives for purchase so you can choose the one that best suits you, go ahead and hire security.

Technology, control and security for your home and business

It is no secret that the number of thefts and robberies in homes and commercial premises has increased, creating mistrust and insecurity among citizens.

Therefore, some people prefer to do what is within reach to protect theirs. Having a physical presence for the care of goods for 24 hours, it becomes, in many cases, complicated.

However, video surveillance is a comprehensive option to add more security where needed, for as long as desired. Among the benefits obtained from video surveillance equipment is more security, which translates to peace of mind. Who install these devices in their homes express that gives them a sense of protection for both their lives and their property.

With respect to commercial establishments, customers and employees tend to feel more secure when they know that a video surveillance system is in operation.

A video surveillance system will not prevent all crimes, but it becomes a useful tool for solving them; if the system is sophisticated video surveillance will help the authorities to solve a crime or even prevent it.

“The D-Link Systems offer an incredible resolution for identifying faces, forgotten or deliberately left somewhere objects, and can even identify vehicle license plates.

Guides D-Link, explains that with the midline app people can monitor what happens in the space where they have cameras, and also can be configured to, that by the sensor having send alerts when you notice. LA alert arrives via email in real time so that the person can check what’s going on.

This is of particular interest to factories, workshops, warehouses, schools and kindergartens since the authorities can be notified automatically from a fire or other event of danger.

An important factor is the network connection, this should be very good for this kind of cameras work with Internet; The DIR-809 D-Link router is a device designed for users who require higher network performance at the best price.

By connecting the router to a DSL or cable modem, users can share access high speed Internet with any user on the network and create a secure wireless network to share photos, music, video, printers and digital media players to throughout the house.

Security cameras in schools

Organizations representing corrections teachers is “concerned” about the installation of security cameras in schools because they warn of a “possible subjugation of the rights” of education workers and students. From the point of view of educators, the use of technical means for imaging could affect the free development of tasks while there may be a violation of privacy.

It was found the effect on the individual interests of the people, but also to the possibility that it was denied the information about how it will implement the surveillance method.


Ten tips to protect your home during the holidays

The holidays are synonymous with travel but also theft. The number of house raids increases in the summer season, not only because the houses are uninhabited, but also because the criminals have improved their techniques to circumvent obstacles and enter homes.

Given the wave of insecurity that we live in the country, experts in security erasure provide simple tips that could prevent you from being a victim of burglars of houses or other accidents that often occur when a home is alone for an extended period.

Follow these 10 tips to protect your home against burglary

  1. Do not publish information on holidays in social networks, and will avoid displacements give clues to potential thieves.
  2. Try to go on vacation discreetly. For example, if you need to store bags in the car, avoid doing so at rush hour.
  3. Know your neighbors, they may be the first line of defense against theft.
  4. Make sure your home appear inhabited in your absence blinds open or leaving some clothes hanging in the yards.
  5. Ensure and block all entrances. You can put locks on the exterior doors and windows to hinder its opening.
  6. Use automatic lighting devices that are activated to detect any movement and give the appearance that someone is at home.
  7. Save energy and avoid short circuits by unplugging appliances to prevent accidents voltage increases.
  8. Pay special attention to the refrigerator and therm. In the first case to minimize the level of cold and, on the other hand, make sure your home Thermal is completely off.
  9. Remember to close the gas valve to prevent leakage.
  10. Leave the more valuable items in safe deposit boxes, and save money at home deposit it in a bank.

Sounds of barking dogs and security systems

A guard dog is one of the elements most effective deterrents in preventing theft, but not everyone can have it. Not only because a trained animal can be expensive to maintain, but because tenants can have banned them on your property. An alarm of security that uses the sound of a dog barking ferociously can effectively persuade the intruders to leave a house and try their luck elsewhere.


Unlike conventional alarm systems that sound after an intruder has entered and breaking doors or windows, most alarm systems barking dog can detect someone approaching from a distance.

Some of these systems can be programmed with sound effects ferocious growl barking and howling, offering protection of a guard dog that does not require daily walks, food or veterinary bills faces.

How does it work?

Microwave technology used in these alarms can detect movement through walls, doors and windows of up to 30 feet (9.15 meters) away. There are models that can be configured to detect at different distances; the closer an intruder, become more ferocious barking dog. This type of alarm can even be used to zoom out, and warn and prevent intrusions bears, since these do not like the barking of dogs, especially when they cannot see them.

Application of the law

Police say a barking dog is a great way to deter thieves. The early warning of an alarm system to warn dog barking homeowners of potential hazards, while also serve as a warning to trespassers to stay away.

Law dog bite

Civil liability can affect you in the case of real watchdogs. All States, without exception, make the dog owner liable for a dog bite if the owner ordered him to attack, or if you have knowledge that shows a tendency or intention to bite. The dog bite laws are civil, criminal and administrative laws. Civil laws provide monetary compensation to the victim; criminal laws impose punishment the dog owner. With a barking dog alarm, no worries about legal issues associated with bites.

Threat of real dogs

Dog bites are a very common form of injury and can have serious consequences, including permanent disfigurement and psychological trauma. What serious attacks can even cause death. Burglars will avoid the attack of a mad dog, and many, experienced, know how to distract him just feeding him before breaking into the house. Barking dog alarm eliminates that option.

Selecting the best home security system for you

When choosing among the best security systems from home, there are a number of features that you should consider. Security systems and home control offer a variety of benefits for homeowners, including protection, convenience, time – saving advantages and ecological efficiencies. The following information is designed to help investigate solutions for smart homes available that best suit your home automation needs.

Features and benefits of security systems and home automation

All systems home security equipment offer different options according to your own needs. Some home security options and control equipment may include security cameras, alarm systems, residential, a programmable thermostat or wireless, surveillance systems, motion sensors and lighting controllers or appliances. With advances in smart home technology, there are a variety of tasks that you can automate your home to better fit your lifestyle and your schedule.

Now it’s easier than ever to control lights, temperature and household functions with the touch of a button. Your preferences lighting, heating and cooling are digitally stored and can always be adjusted later at a more convenient time. Also, when you leave home, it is very easy to remotely arm or disarm the security system in your home.

The safety equipment at home often can be adjusted with a controller with touch screen, wireless keyboard or desktop portal. The launch of mobile security applications has made ​​it even easier for subscribers to control their home automation settings on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. In many cases, the primary and secondary account holders can set up a user name and password only to start receiving alerts by text messages and emails instantly.

Today’s technology reaches a new level of knowledge at home that lets you know if a door or window is opened, or if fire detectors and carbon monoxide produced an abnormal reading and that basically gives you the opportunity to protect your home. The improved video monitoring can be easily configured to automatically receive subscriber’s video clips or images if a door or window is opened.

The main security systems allow users to add additional equipment and upgrade equipment in their home security packages at any time. If you already have a security system established, usually you can use this equipment even if you change your provider or you move to a new house.

The main alarm systems for home offer continuous protection for your family

The best alarm systems for home security and protection provided at all times without interruption. With battery backup and mobile, users never have to worry about service interruptions or network that could disrupt home protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an electric or service interruption, home protection system of a subscriber never be disconnected.

Therefore, you will not lose your confidence when you lose power. Professional monitoring stations are equipped with fully trained certified operators, and are designed to protect residents from theft, fire and other unpredictable events. These stations are intended to provide homeowners last – minute notifications about the safety of your home. Personnel security station can send the police, fire and medical assistance at any time after detecting unusual activity through surveillance cameras linked to automation and home security of a subscriber.

Tranquility in your home

Security solutions of your home offer professional installation options. Professional safety technicians can provide you with a personalized assessment of your house taking into account your specific needs and safety requirements. These professionals can also provide a demonstration or tutorial on how to make the most of your new security system and control.

With so many home automation options available on the market today, it is important to evaluate the ease of use, the level of complexity associated with the installation, if it fits your specific needs and daily administration.

The home security systems and smart home technology to provide subscribers more ways to live in peace. The best home security systems can simplify your life and reduce the total time required to perform daily tasks. You can take care of your home, family and valuables from anywhere, anytime. The home security systems complement your schedule and easily adapt to your daily activities.

The home security systems do not require superior choice between comfort and cost. It’s possible to save money and be comfortable in your home safe! The innovative home security technology helps homeowners save time and energy by automating the temperature, lights and other household functions. Save money on your monthly bills without affecting comfort. A home security system can even help you save money on your home insurance.

The best home security systems keep you safe and protected at all times, they are perfectly suited to your schedule, proper coiner tranquility and can help you control your energy consumption. The best security solutions will not leave you unprotected when you need more security. The home automation is designed to simplify your life, so choose a smart security solution your home that best suits your needs.


Security systems for your home or business

A good security system in a home or business can mean the difference between safety and disaster. It can improve the security of your home or office using the right components for your specific needs. Surveillance equipment such as security cameras and video recorders, can help you keep control of what happens on their property. Also the motion detector lights, infrared security cameras, electronic locks and other similar devices can increase the effectiveness of any security system. This article will help you determine the specific needs of security system for your home or business.

Choosing a security system

1) Mark possible accesses. All entrances to your property are potentially vulnerable points in the security system. Doors, windows and even openings such as vents or power lines may be weak points that need security cameras and surveillance. Mark these points on a plane and take note of the problem areas to be addressed.

2) Evaluate the area. What types of crimes occur in the neighborhood? Identify whether factors theft, vandalism, violent crimes or other risks are high in your area. Have you seen the same security issues repeated again and again in the past? Take note of the usual risks in their neighborhood when choosing a security system and surveillance.

3) Evaluate the lighting on your property. Well – lit areas are a deterrent to potential vandals and criminals. Identify areas with low light, especially around entrances and exits on the property. Mark the locations where to install motion detectors and lights with reflectors. Be sure to take pictures of night and day on problem to identify problems in your security system areas. If illuminate the site is not an option, infrared security cameras can work very well where light is scarce.

4) Evaluate internal security. If there are vulnerabilities within buildings or campuses in the property, you may want to consider the use of combination locks or fingerprint for security system. Put security cameras in areas with sensitive equipment or valuable materials. Restrict access to sensitive areas and keep them under surveillance reduces the risk of robbery and theft.

5) Make public has a security system. Install signs announcing their security measures inside and outside your home. Place some of the security cameras in areas that are easily seen. The simple fact of displaying the components of system security is already a deterrent.

6) Select the appropriate solutions in the security system. Select solutions to possible problems in your security system. They should address the problems of lighting by adding motion sensors that activate lights or property by removing obstacles, such as unpruned plants. Add security cameras to keep sensitive areas under surveillance, and add a digital video recorder to record historical surveillance.

7) Change or update locks on doors and windows. In a business you must be able to track the inputs and outputs of their employees with access file watches. Install multiple systems overlapping security, especially in sensitive areas must be protected by locks, security cameras and alarms.

Safety tips

  • Re-evaluate the safety system periodically to make repairs and to identify weak areas in the surveillance or access to restricted areas.
  • No security system is perfect.
  • There are always areas for improvement.
  • Keep up with technology security and surveillance and take advantage of new products and ideas offered in the market.
  • Being in the mind of the criminal. If you would like to steal at home, what you need to do?
  • What could be changed in the security system to make that impossible task?

What are the benefits of surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection of homes and businesses. The range and options of surveillance cameras available in the market has encouraged its presence in more sites, areas and facilities. The latest advances in security cameras and surveillance systems have high levels of security monitoring, administration and enforcement, and helped thwart the activities of sophisticated thieves and criminals.

Prevent theft and illegal activities

The primary purpose of installing surveillance cameras is to act deterring thieves, criminals, pickpockets and unscrupulous of committing theft and activities illegal. Security cameras are installed in homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, schools, university campuses, offices, shops, malls and other public areas. These cameras monitor activities suspicious, stop theft, vandalism and thefts, and alert the security officers about real-time thieves. Staff continues cameras and systems in large central open space, can also inform authorities on the development of local hazardous situations.

Ensure the security management in malls

The famed and ubiquitous shopping malls in the United States, entertainment and recreation centers and complexes, which defined suburban and urban growth since the 50s onwards are usually scattered in large operational areas. It is difficult and expensive to maintain armed security personnel at every corner of a shopping center. In more recent decades, owners and developers of malls have installed surveillance cameras that can be controlled centrally, to control all aspects of security at the micro level, especially places to park cars and outlying areas. Owners of shops and boutiques of several malls also install these cameras as a protective measure second level.

Strengthening legal issues / cases

Surveillance cameras new generation and extended central command systems can also record audio, sound and voices. Sexual harassment, other forms of threats and rough behavior at the workplace and on college campuses can be detected, and the recordings are stored in the camera systems. Audio recordings can be used to support legal cases in court for sexual harassment. Employees who are caught stealing inventory, office items and other material, and deny or seek to file lawsuits, court may be trapped in a surveillance video as evidence.

Surveillance technology and data centers

Monitor security in large data centers and technology has become a mandatory activity in the computer age. All businesses, large shops and federal government agencies, and even medium and small businesses, now maintain large server room to facilitate the smooth operation of business. Gigabytes and terabytes of information is crucial in these data centers and servers. To control the movement of authorized personnel, workers and other technology staff, and prevent theft of critical storage devices, and other digital information systems and detailed high-tech cameras are installed at these facilities.

Reduce insurance premiums and taxes

Security cameras, video surveillance and related systems can reduce insurance premiums over a long period of time, depending on the contracts signed with companies and insurance agents. Public records of these systems can also protect insurance companies from fraudulent claims about theft and robbery. Businesses can apply relevant tax deductions for the purchase of security cameras and surveillance systems.

What are the benefits of a home alarm system

The benefits of having a home alarm system are numerous. There are several types of alarm systems such as theft, fire and carbon monoxide detection. Having a home alarm installed is an expensive endeavor, but the benefits far outweigh the overall costs. Anyone with one of these popular systems and get peace can install it with many companies.

Protection against intruders

Home alarm systems scare off intruders. When installed, the security company so usually publishes a sign outside stating that the house is protected by the company. Only this ad discourages intruders from criminal activities. An activated system triggers a loud alarm if it detects a problem. For example, it notifies the owner that a window or door has been opened. It is also programmed to notify the security company. The monitoring company can see specifically what is the area that is committed if a window or door. To corroborate this, first called to the house to see if there is a problem. If the alarm was accidentally activated, the company notes the event and performs no action. If there is indeed a problem, the police are notified quickly.

Fire alarms and carbon monoxide

Many home alarm systems also offer the advantage of alerting homeowners of a fire or a carbon monoxide leak. Although most states require smoke detectors in a home, not carbon monoxide detectors are required. Carbon monoxide is a toxic, odorless gas that, if inhaled, can cause health problems and even death. The home alarm systems save lives by providing these two functions.

Low cost, high value

Installing an alarm system can also reduce your insurance premiums. Homeowners connected to a monitored alarm system can pay up to 20% less for your homeowners insurance. Along with saving money, a security alarm system increases the resale value of your home and attract potential buyers.

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