Ten tips to ensure security in social networks

We live in a time when we use social networks on a daily basis. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other. Like it or not, directly or indirectly we are connected to the rest of the world. However, we do not always take into account the security measures necessary to maintain our privacy.

Disclosure of personal information

People tend to flood with information while completing profiles on social networks. We must bear in mind that we are not facing a job interview or that only our friends are going to read it. We do not need to report everything and everyone. Experts believe that revealing too much personal information creates a security crack. Attackers use personal information such as date of birth, name of family members, phone numbers, physical address, etc.

All this to execute multiple iterations to decipher the passwords. Therefore, the less information we put, the better.

Maintain private, private information

We often post notes or messages on a friend’s wall. This is also visible to other Facebook users or the social network that is. There is no formula to decide what is safe to publish in public and what is not, but you have to use common sense. Some things must be kept between friends or family. Publish certain information on public walls puts at risk not only ourselves but the privacy of our friend.

The images (and their legends) speak more than a thousand words

It is said that a photo is worth a thousand words. In the case of social networks even more. Also, if we upload images with an informative legend, it puts us even more at risk. We are giving information about our habits, our movements, to possible attackers in the networks. It is an important aspect to maintain security in social networks.

Selectable privacy

We must ensure that our content on social networks is visible only to friends and family. We can create lists of types of friends and customize the visibility of each publication. Not everything should be visible to that person who worked with us for a few weeks a few years ago, for example. There may be things that we do not want to share with all the contacts.

Beware of GPS and location

GPS is a common feature in all smartphones today. In addition to helping us as we pass through an unknown city, GPS is also used for geotagging . It means that we can attach location information to any multimedia content that we send or receive. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram use this feature extensively to help users mark the location where a photo was taken, and help make the profile more “social”.

Cyber ​​attackers can easily interpret information such as our economic status, lifestyle, frequent locations and daily routine through media with geographic labels.

A strong key, the first defense

One of the most elementary ways to strengthen our social media account is to create a password. This, as is logical, has to be difficult to decipher. Security experts often recommend the use of a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Professional hackers use ‘a dictionary attack’ as the first step in decoding a password.

A dictionary attack involves matching the password with millions of common passwords (such as “123456”) stored in a library.

Do not save passwords

This is a very common practice. I recognize that on my phone I have some applications like this. We just open it and that’s it, without having to put the key every time we use it. However this is not a good method. If someone physically accesses our phone or computer, it could easily enter our accounts.

Let’s think that we have lost the mobile. We can have some access code, but everything can be broken. The most advisable thing is not to save passwords.

Beware of the links

In social networks we must be careful with the links that reach us. Even if they come from a friend. You have to pay attention to the link. In what it contains. Many times it can be a trap, as we already saw from the famous Facebook video. Our contact does it unconsciously, of course. But it is really a malware. We should not sting in what seems like an easy thing.

Security system

Something that cannot be missing is to have security tools and programs. But this does not extend only to security on social networks, but to any action we take on the Internet. We always have to have some antivirus installed. This way we will be able to face possible threats that put at risk the good functioning of our equipment.

Common sense

Perhaps the most important of these 10 tips to maintain security in social networks. The vast majority of malware needs user interaction to run. We must always be alert and use common sense.

The best security locks for sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors offer the benefits of large windows with the functionality of a front door. Unfortunately, they are also the main target for thieves. Most sliding patio doors feature a single locking mechanism that is weak and easily opened with a tool, cut with a hacksaw or unlocked by pushing the panel. The doors can also be lifted from their lanes from the outside. But there are additional security measures that owners can follow to secure their patio doors.

Security bars

The safety bars will reinforce the lock of the sliding doors so that the doors can not be opened horizontally. These bars are a popular choice because they are effective and cheap, all you need is a wood or steel cylinder of the correct length. The safety bars, sometimes also called “charlie bars”, are placed in the lower channel of the door, between the end of the sliding glass doors and the sliding door. There is also another option for people concerned that thieves can find a way to detach the safety bar by methods such as drilling a small hole in the frame and pushing the bar out of the channel.

Auxiliary locks

There are several types of interior locks designed to reinforce the locks of the sliding doors. Most use a safety pin or bolt and are installed on the inside edge of the door rail. Many operate by pulling a pin or turning a lever. It is important, however, when considering auxiliary locks, to keep in mind that you should be able to leave the house quickly in case of an emergency, such as a fire. On the contrary, if your house has a swimming pool, consider a lock that is safe for children so that if they are alone they will not be able to open the door from the inside and access the pool. The locks that lock the door to its frame will prevent the door from opening horizontally or being lifted from its guides.

The tasks of a security supervisor

A safety supervisor is responsible for maintaining and protecting public and employee health and safety in various industries. Safety supervisors could work in the food industry by making sure they are handled and served correctly, or in a laboratory monitoring the safe handling of chemicals. They could also work together with employees or be uniquely responsible for safety monitoring efforts.

Identification of risk

The safety supervisor is responsible for identifying potential risks within the work environment and public space. Safety supervisors often monitor current work conditions and may investigate employee work locations to indicate potential hazards in the manner of work, the equipment used or the products and services manufactured. Employees must be provided with a safe environment in which to work, one that is free from direct contact with hazardous materials or dangerous equipment, and public safety risks must be identified to protect consumers and members of the public who use or they go through the sites and the work locations.

Implementation of security

When a possible risk factor has been identified in a work environment, function or work process, the safety supervisor is in charge of implementing the necessary changes to rectify them. Working independently or in collaboration with government agencies designed to protect the health and safety of employees, such as OSHA, the supervisor is expected to design and implement reasonable accommodations to improve employee safety. Adjustments could include safety training and the purchase of safe equipment, such as gloves to handle hazardous materials, helmets in construction zones, and security doors or fences for areas that present the risk of someone falling.


In some companies, the safety supervisor works only to identify and implement safe working conditions and procedures. This could be a traditional employee who conducts a generic job function while maintaining the responsibility of observing personal safety and that of his colleagues within that work role. Other supervisors work only within the safety role, and they could move around the company to observe the different work functions, and study and understand how it operates and what safety precautions should be implemented. Other supervisors could work as part of a team within a security organization. The security supervisor would be responsible for observing the training and work of other administrators within the security team.

The three main components of the Social Security system

Social Security emerged from the Great Depression and began in 1935 after the economic crisis, according to Nelson H. Cruikshank, Counselor to the President on Aging, in a 1978 speech on the history of Social Security. The Social Security system has three main components that respond to the needs of the millions of Americans who are aging or have survived their loved ones, who cannot meet the basic needs of food and housing, or who have disabilities.

Retirement and survivors insurance

Retirement insurance and survivor insurance are separate, with different qualifications and benefits, but the concept is one as a whole. Those who pay Social Security retirement are entitled to retirement benefits if they meet the requirements of age and years of work. The minimum age to receive these benefits is 62 years, and in 2010, the full retirement age is 66 or 67. Similarly, a survivor may be entitled to income, depending on the deceased person’s work history. Individuals who qualify for survivor benefits are children under age, spouses, divorced spouses, and parents who depended on the deceased.

Disability insurance

Disability insurance is available to those who meet the definition of disability within this component of Social Security. The disability must last one year or be expected to result in death, with special rules for legally blind people. Work history determines disability benefits, and if you can do any type of work, Social Security rules prevent you from receiving disability benefits. Disability is the only coverage that can be classified as disability insurance or Supplemental Security Income. Also, if you receive disability payments, once you reach retirement age, the benefits will be converted to retirement benefits.

Supplemental Security Income

The Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, covers some disabled, blind or senile people who do not qualify for retirement or disability, according to their work history. Disabled or blind children can also receive SSI. Those who qualify have limited income and resources, and generally qualify for pantry vouchers in the state in which they live, as reported on the Social Security website. The resource limits are US $ 2,000 for a child or an individual, and US $ 3,000 for a couple, and resources include cash, vehicles, land and anything else on your property that could be translated into food or shelter. The definition of income includes free food and shelter, but excludes certain earnings and income and the value of the pantry vouchers, according to the SSI information on the Social Security website. The federal SSI benefit in 2010 was US $ 674 per month, and most states provide a supplement to this amount.

Tips for use and security in your email

Do you use your email securely? The use of email in companies is something that has changed the way we communicate. It’s cheap, fast, you can send it to several people, attach files … The cybercriminals detected a few years ago the increase in this use and they did not take long to create different types of infractions in the network to obtain benefits. For this reason, we must be careful with the use we make of electronic mail, since computer crimes have experienced an increasing trend in recent years throughout the world.

To avoid being exposed to these cyber-attacks, we share these tips to use your email safely:

If you do not know the origin of an email and several emails arrive daily, take it to the SPAM folder.

Disables automatic image loading.

  1. Beware of attachments! If you do not know the origin of the sender try not to open them and less when they have the extension .exe
  2. Clear the history, the cache of your browser periodically and avoid marking the option to save passwords.
  3. Do not open emails with offers, gifts or false promotions of the type: “You have had a trip to New York with all expenses paid.”
  4. The Phising technique is a very common practice among cybercriminals that affects more and more companies. This crime ware (cybercrime with fiscal purposes) consists in supplanting the identity to obtain an economic benefit. Avoid giving your personal information, banking or passwords through emails.
  5. Beware of public Wi-Fi networks (usually without a password). You are exposed to someone capturing information of all your personal data or watching your email.
  6. Use the hidden copy BCC or BCC when you send emails to several people, this way they will hide their emails to others.
  7. Use an email solution with encryption to control all your confidential information.
  8. Have updated your programs and your operating system. In the updates, security improvements are often included. With your updated software you will close possible entry points that are already known.

Take a vacation and leave your home safe

The whole family can go on vacation is an activity that will leave the best memories of all its members, but the thrill of being able to do it sometimes makes people forget that, while they are traveling, your home (your estate) is will be completely alone, which can leave it more exposed to being stolen.

The highest rate of burglaries recorded during the absence of its inhabitants and committed people who previously knew the movements of the inhabitants.

Therefore, it considered it important to follow simple preventive measures during the holidays, for only thus can make the difference between avoiding you and your assets are victims of crime and become a smaller number of criminal statistic that grows annually.

The alarms serve to prevent something bad from happening, to detect it on time and to alert about what’s going on.

Therefore, alarm systems and remote video surveillance are the ideal tools to minimize risks during absences from home because of the holidays.

Are several solutions at very reasonable prices in the market. Compact and smart cameras, ideal for the safety of domestic environments or for small businesses, stores, restaurants and hotels, which offer excellent image quality and professional monitoring.

There are alternatives that can be accessed from anywhere, either on your computer, tablet or smart phone, live images or recorded with extraordinary image quality digital HDTV.

Are very outdated alarm systems, because only emit a sound but do not communicate with anyone; from the foregoing, it should be monitored more whole house through certain electronic devices, even if you are away. There are many technologies that can hire, they are constantly more sophisticated, so increasingly provide greater security. For example, you can now monitor everything from where you are via the Internet.

Are physical devices that cost from 265 $ (this package could be for very small properties with very low risk level) to more than 2,000 $ for very large buildings. Note that must also pay the monthly fee for monitoring your property. These can range from 250 $ to 700 $ for. You have the possibility of doing the initial outlay for equipment and paying it can go slowly with their monthly payments.

If you have an alarm monitoring service, contact your security company before going on vacation, and make sure all your personal data, as well as emergency contacts, are to-date.

If I have hired someone to clean your home or any other service, is satisfied to teach the proper use of their alarm.

Rest days should be days when we have the peace of mind that in our absence everything still works in the best way possible.

Take precautions before leaving

  • Stay home for at least vulnerable possible, when traveling it is recommended that: Do not discuss his absence strangers.
  • Ask someone you trust pick up your mail. Accumulating correspondence or propaganda is a clear indication that you are not at home.
  • Check that they have secured all windows and doors before leaving home.
  • It has good lighting outside your home, it is recommended to have a sensor lighting.
  • Install a timer or photocell to light a couple of interior lights that are appreciated from the outside overnight.
  • Do not leave ladders or tools like external paddles, as they can be used to enter your home.
  • Temporarily hire a service company rounds with a serious and professional private security, so at least do two rounds during the day. Ask to see evidence of the service delivered (photos via cell phone).
  • Place a high security lock, also pin the door.
  • Avoid announce that goes on vacation, especially on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Inform your trusted neighbor’s plans to go on holiday to enable them to notify the authorities if observing something unusual.
  • Provide the number of cell phone or landline of a family member.
  • Do not leave your house keys available to people extranets.

Stay protected with a security company

Please note that hiring a security company will allow you to receive advice regarding instillation of electronic security equipment in your home or your business. They will tell you what the best alarms and best the security cameras available for you and which really fit your needs and your pocket.

In addition, the contracts a security company your alarm is connected to a central monitoring station that directly monitor all events that occur in your home thanks to intelligent technology alarms home and business alarms.

Experts will give tips to avoid falling victim to attacks and will also have access to an Internet user even to calculate what your risks are being attacked.

In addition, you also get to hire a security company 24-hour surveillance by tracking your mobile phone, dial emergency keys, security applications you can install on your phone and of course monitoring activities of your system alarms.

By hiring a security company in you also receive advice on security through personalized telephone in which experts will give tips to avoid falling victim to attacks and will also have access to an Internet user even to calculate what your risk of being attacked.

So that the best way to be safe is hiring the services of a security company. Monitoring and home alarms and alarms for business are affordable and there are variety of alternatives for purchase so you can choose the one that best suits you, go ahead and hire security.

Technology, control and security for your home and business

It is no secret that the number of thefts and robberies in homes and commercial premises has increased, creating mistrust and insecurity among citizens.

Therefore, some people prefer to do what is within reach to protect theirs. Having a physical presence for the care of goods for 24 hours, it becomes, in many cases, complicated.

However, video surveillance is a comprehensive option to add more security where needed, for as long as desired. Among the benefits obtained from video surveillance equipment is more security, which translates to peace of mind. Who install these devices in their homes express that gives them a sense of protection for both their lives and their property.

With respect to commercial establishments, customers and employees tend to feel more secure when they know that a video surveillance system is in operation.

A video surveillance system will not prevent all crimes, but it becomes a useful tool for solving them; if the system is sophisticated video surveillance will help the authorities to solve a crime or even prevent it.

“The D-Link Systems offer an incredible resolution for identifying faces, forgotten or deliberately left somewhere objects, and can even identify vehicle license plates.

Guides D-Link, explains that with the midline app people can monitor what happens in the space where they have cameras, and also can be configured to, that by the sensor having send alerts when you notice. LA alert arrives via email in real time so that the person can check what’s going on.

This is of particular interest to factories, workshops, warehouses, schools and kindergartens since the authorities can be notified automatically from a fire or other event of danger.

An important factor is the network connection, this should be very good for this kind of cameras work with Internet; The DIR-809 D-Link router is a device designed for users who require higher network performance at the best price.

By connecting the router to a DSL or cable modem, users can share access high speed Internet with any user on the network and create a secure wireless network to share photos, music, video, printers and digital media players to throughout the house.

Security cameras in schools

Organizations representing corrections teachers is “concerned” about the installation of security cameras in schools because they warn of a “possible subjugation of the rights” of education workers and students. From the point of view of educators, the use of technical means for imaging could affect the free development of tasks while there may be a violation of privacy.

It was found the effect on the individual interests of the people, but also to the possibility that it was denied the information about how it will implement the surveillance method.


Ten tips to protect your home during the holidays

The holidays are synonymous with travel but also theft. The number of house raids increases in the summer season, not only because the houses are uninhabited, but also because the criminals have improved their techniques to circumvent obstacles and enter homes.

Given the wave of insecurity that we live in the country, experts in security erasure provide simple tips that could prevent you from being a victim of burglars of houses or other accidents that often occur when a home is alone for an extended period.

Follow these 10 tips to protect your home against burglary

  1. Do not publish information on holidays in social networks, and will avoid displacements give clues to potential thieves.
  2. Try to go on vacation discreetly. For example, if you need to store bags in the car, avoid doing so at rush hour.
  3. Know your neighbors, they may be the first line of defense against theft.
  4. Make sure your home appear inhabited in your absence blinds open or leaving some clothes hanging in the yards.
  5. Ensure and block all entrances. You can put locks on the exterior doors and windows to hinder its opening.
  6. Use automatic lighting devices that are activated to detect any movement and give the appearance that someone is at home.
  7. Save energy and avoid short circuits by unplugging appliances to prevent accidents voltage increases.
  8. Pay special attention to the refrigerator and therm. In the first case to minimize the level of cold and, on the other hand, make sure your home Thermal is completely off.
  9. Remember to close the gas valve to prevent leakage.
  10. Leave the more valuable items in safe deposit boxes, and save money at home deposit it in a bank.
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