How to stop a robbery

One of the most invasive things that most people can imagine is a robbery in a house. Since discomfort regarding someone invades your health residence private to the possibility that steal valuables, theft is a headache in its entirety. If you want to stop theft before it happens, take precautionary measures and be prepared for emergencies is vital in preventing a home invasion.


  1. Close all windows and doors. Make sure all the windows of your house are closed and firmly tightened, especially when you go to sleep at night. If your window or door is open, you’re essentially telling a thief to enter. Apart from close windows and doors, make sure the locks are firm. For example, be sure to install safety latches to have additional security. Thieves can identify the windows and doors are weaker.
  2. Get a security system for your home. A security alarm can detect a thief. After all, the last thing a thief wants is to be taken care about it. When you install your security system, make sure you put a sign or sticker indicating their presence. Test your system monthly to make sure it works properly.
  3. Use proper lights. External lights help stop theft. Put your lights on all doors, including the rear doors. If you plan to leave your home to go for an extended vacation or travel time, leave a light on in the bathroom.
  4. Inform your neighbors when you go. If you have reliable neighbors, you can help inform much when you leave your house for a while. This is to prevent thieves offer clues that are not in your home. Your neighbor can also help you get the mail when you’re not. All these things indicate that someone is not at home, many thefts occur when people go for days.
  5. Use caution with the messages when “you’re out” in your costestador and voicemail. It is a relatively common practice for people to say they are out in these messages. Avoid make you vulnerable to theft by failing to indicate when you will be away from home, especially if you let others know the time period.
  6. Evita tempt thieves. If you save things to light, it can be very tempting for thieves. This includes bicycles, motorcycles, lawnmowers and barbecues. Keep them out of sight all the time.
  7. Stay away from the notes. Never leave notes on the door indicating that you are away from home. Some people leave notes for the postman will not be there to sign a package, for example. If a thief knows, for some sign that this will not be at home and not think twice about entering.
  8. Change the locks. If you lose your keys, do not waste time before getting new locks Do not risk or wait time. It is also important to never leave your keys out in no hiding place “undercover”, including under the mats and the postman. These opportunities make thieves think about these things and was first fixed in these areas.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not try to stop a thief if you can catch him at home. Taking this situation into your own hands can lead to a very dangerous situation, especially if the suspect is armed. Notify the authorities immediately and let them handle this.