How to view my surveillance camera from work

You might want to make sure your new puppy is not getting into trouble, or maybe just want to see if your new home is safe and sound. Whatever the case, Internet and cheap software can view images of your surveillance camera from work or any place where you can access a web site.

You will need

  • Software for Internet video camera


  1. Get your camera software-to-Web. This allows you to view images from your video surveillance camera over the Internet using a computer, a smartphone enabled to use Internet or a PDA (personal digital assistant).
  2. Download the software and install it by double clicking on the installation file and following the instructions.
  3. Connect your surveillance camera to your PC. You can do this by providing a USB cable from your camera to a USB port on your computer, or using a USB wireless adapter for camera that can transmit images to your computer.
  4. Sets the software by opening the application and putting a name to the camera. Give an obvious name, such as “Living” or “Bedroom”. Note that the program can handle up to four cameras. Once the settings, click on “Connect” (Connect) and the system should be running.
  5. See pictures from your camera. Login to the website that provides you service your software through a computer, smart phone or PDA connected to the Internet. Note that even if you’ve got the camera software to the Internet for free, you may have to pay a subscription for access to view your camera online.