How to wire a security camera to a TV

To see what the security camera is watching, you have to connect it to a video source such as a TV. Most security cameras can connect virtually any TV using video and audio cables, which are some of the most common and economical cable world. Remember to plan the distance that will be placed on the TV from the security camera in order to determine the length of cable you need to buy.

You will need

  • A security camera
  • A TV
  • An audio and video cable


Connect a Security Camera to a TV

  1. Place the security camera in the place you want to monitor, following the instructions for your specific installation video camera.
  2. Connect the video input cable audio and video, usually yellow in the video output of the security camera. Connect the audio input if the camera has audio output.
  3. Connect the other end to the video input cable audio and video (and audio input if necessary) in the video output of the TV. Note that you may need to purchase a longer RCA cable, depending on the distance that exists between your TV and your security camera.
  4. Turn on your TV and your security camera, then change the video input on your TV to the audio input and appropriate video.