Manual to protect your home

In these times is a vital need to protect your home from burglars. Here we made a compilation of different sources on how to keep your home security.

Although it is almost impossible to completely shield your home from thieves or robbers, it is possible to take some preventive measures that deter surely breaking into your house.

These are our recommendations:

The National Sheriffs’ Association in its Home Security Booklet mentions the three Ds, the three principles to protect your home: deter, detect and delay.

  • Deter: through preventive measures and good security locks is possible to be more difficult and complicated to steal your home.
  • Detect: if forces the thief to try to break your home from visible locations. The thieves also seek to avoid breaking windows or forcing doors and do not want to make noise. Security alarms and alert neighbors also help detect thieves.
  • Delay: delay a burglar for four minutes is enough time to prevent theft. Thieves do not want to be caught so the time it takes to break a home means a higher risk of being detected and caught. It’s easy and cheap to make difficult the irruption in your home.

These are the safety measures in different parts of the house:

Exterior doors (input): Use material solid and sturdy. Use safe locks with several anchor points and cylinder with anti-drill security shield. If the access door is made ​​of glass and has a window, you need to put bars or bars or heavy glass.

Exterior windows: use bars, bars or add insurance. Place thick, sturdy glass. Place blinds or curtains to show

Garage: security garage door is important as it may allow thieves to hide while trying to enter the house.

Garden & Patio: leave visible entrances and windows of the house. Trees and plants should not obstruct the visibility of hits. Caches of this type may allow thieves to take their time to try to break into the house.

Other measures:

  • Always lock doors and windows when leaving.
  • Do not leave a key under the mat or within a plant. Better to leave a key with a trusted neighbor or relative.
  • Do not open the door to strangers. Check through the lock or window who it is before opening.
  • Not say publicly when holidays are taken and how long they will be absent.
  • Tell trusted neighbors when rental keychain so they are aware of any extraordinary situation and to call the police.
  • Learn the phone memory of firefighters and police.
  • Talk with neighbors about the security measures taken by each. Make a phone call and agree if you notice anything unusual or rare in the colony.
  • At night it is important to illuminate the most important entrances and windows. Thieves do not like light.
  • Putting an alarm system throughout the house.

According to an ex-thief, get a dog or gravel access deters thieves. It is one of the best security measures! The reason is that the thieves do not like the noise. The gravel is noisy and attracts attention from neighbors. On the other hand, a dog, big or small, gets a lot of attention by barking (regardless of bite).

Another recommendation of the ex-thief is using prickly plants as barriers or walls to the courtyard entrance.

We hope these recommendations will help them to protect your home and especially his family.