Options window bars

Bars of windows are bars stainless steel or coated steel that serve as a defense against those who break into your house. They are simple to take caution and a clear signal to potential thieves and vandals others that your home is protected and should not approach. There are several different options for grills windows available.

Grids for colonial windows

Bars of windows colonial divide the front or side of window panels of the same size. It is the most common type of fence, this favorite style can also improve the appearance of your home, especially when it’s painted.

Grills Queen Anne

Bars of Queen Anne are also known as Victorian, craft or prairie style. This type of fencing used fewer bars than the more conventional styles of colonial bars and create an inner perimeter around the window which leaves more space in the center of the window. Because of this open center, bars of Anne provide less protection than colonial bars but are also easier to see into and out, making them better for windows with panoramic views. Originally made ​​famous by Frank Lloyd Wright, this type of fencing will add a dramatic and sophisticated style to a home when used correctly.

Box Grills

The grills box to windows have no frame, therefore only consist crosspieces grid without a frame. Such bars are an inexpensive way to add a level of security to your home but without a finished style or a framed grille when viewed from inside the house. However, from the outside , these bars are the same as their more expensive counterparts and provide the same level of protection against theft and vandalism.

Grids for double hung windows

Colonial bars, Queen Anne and come in variety frameless double hung. Such bars are made ​​for windows double hung, which are probably the most common type of window and provide maximum front opening using two sections to allow half the surface of the window to remain open at any time. Such bars have this in mind and are further divided into two sections to allow the window to open and close without bars are an obstacle. If you want to add bars to your windows but want the option to have a clear view on a nice day, double hanging bars are the best option.