Preventing burglary in summer

In summer the focus burglaries in homes, since the period starts holiday and many families who leave their home empty to travel and enjoy the good weather. There are no secret formulas to prevent theft at home, but it is true that we can take action to make things difficult for thieves. In this article, we explain in more detail how to prevent burglary in summer.


  • Most important to avoid coming to steal our home in summer will act as if we had not left the house empty, i.e. everything is running as normally as possible. Do not announce to all and sundry that you are you and no one will be left at home, try to be discreet / a.
  • This will mean leaving some ups blinds and not close everything, because then it will become very clear that there is no one at home for too many days in a row. Make sure doors and windows are closed, but no blinds or awnings.
  • Also be very useful to install timers on the lights to come on and off at certain times, so look there is someone inside. This will throw them off those who try to enter your house.
  • It is advisable to ask the neighbors who come from time to time to check that everything is in order and pick up the mail, preventing it from accumulating in the mailbox and is a sign that no one is home. Leave a phone so they can contact you if a problem occurs.
  • Moreover, as prevention, we should not leave valuable objects of value or attractive to be stolen. It is not recommended to keep at home large amounts of money or expensive items like jewelry.
  • Clear is that security systems such as alarms, locks, gates, etc.. They help prevent burglary in summer. Find the one that best suits your home and budget, and always remember to activate them.
  • Also, having a dog as a pet can also help in the presence of strangers. If properly trained, the animal alert someone unknown is at home and can do so evident that neighbors or passersby can call the police.
  • Before the appearance of marks on doors, gates, walls … that may have been made ​​by thieves, police warn the body. Is likely to control their movements for the best time to access your home.
  • Also, if prevention has not been enough to come home and find an open door or a broken window, enter no. Stay away from there and call the police; do not touch anything because you could destroy evidence.