Safety tips in this vacation

Holy Week arrives and, with it, the departures to tourist places and views to relatives, it is time to relax, get away from the routine and enjoy the well-deserved summer vacation. However, it is important to take safety into account.

Do not forget that natural spaces are unknown environments for most holiday maker, so it is advisable to take extreme precautions both at sea and in the mountains.

Tips to take into account when leaving

During the trip to the holiday destination it is advisable to take a series of precautions that guarantee safety. In case you travel in your private vehicle, during the journey it is not advisable to stop and get out of the car in situations that seem strange or at the request of a stranger.

If your vehicle has a mechanical failure call your nearest relative, do not ask for help from strangers, do not walk through unknown places.

When you arrive at your destination remember not to leave valuables inside the vehicle, and, in general, avoid leaving things in sight, however insignificant they may seem. If traveling by public transport it is necessary to pay attention to your luggage, identify your belongings, do not lose sight of it during intermediate stops and avoid being transported by people who are not accredited for it.

In airports or terminals

You must not register your luggage belonging to unknown persons. Do not carry large sums of money, documents or things of value that are not necessary.

Once at your destination, make sure that the security conditions are adequate to avoid access to strangers, adopt the security measures you usually take at home.

In case your stay is in a hotel use the safe deposit box service to preserve valuables and make sure doors and windows are closed.

On the beach, it is important to bathe only in areas that are within authorized zones. Follow the recommendations of the lifeguards.

Always watch children in natural areas such as the sea, wooded areas, swimming pools, shopping centers or processions. To avoid scares, it is best to make them memorize your name, address and phone number.