Security tips in the private cloud of your company

Having a private cloud for the company instead of accessing the public cloud is a great advantage in terms of security for all companies that opt ​​for that option. However, if you want to make the most of the advantages of security, privacy and protection there are a series of guidelines and tips that we should take into account:

Set passwords

It is obvious but not least important. Having effective passwords, long, difficult to guess and with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and signs is the first line of defense for all sensitive information that a company has in its private cloud.

Renew passwords

A good password is a good starting point to defend the privacy of a private cloud. But as important or more than the counter, is changing it every so often to increase the security of access.

Encrypt the data

If passwords are the first defense barrier, encryption would be the second. Encrypting a file consists of messing up the information so that only the person to whom it is intended can read it. Thus, a third party who had access to this file could not understand anything or get any useful information.

Have a security system at height

When it comes to protecting the public cloud, it is necessary to have a security system up to scratch, such as antivirus and firewalls. As happens with passwords, it is not enough to have a good antivirus, but it is also necessary to update it periodically so that it is up to date in order to deactivate the latest threats.

Train employees in safety

The human factor is always one of the most vulnerable. Workers must be trained in basic security issues to avoid leaks of documents, reports and data to other companies or that fall into the hands of an undesirable. It is advisable to hold training seminars for the staff working in the company.

Always have a backup

It is essential when you manage a private cloud, to have a backup of all the data you have. So, if at any time there was a failure or a computer attack, there would be a plan B to be able to have the entire operating system in just a few hours and not lose any sensitive information.

Test security

The security of a company’s private cloud cannot be taken for granted. It is convenient to perform a series of periodic tests to check if it is possible to hack the system or access the information. In these cases, “ethical hackers” can be an option to help us know how our system would react in case of a real attack.

Separate personal mail from private

One of the main entry doors of criminals is still email. Make sure your company’s employees do not use corporate mail for personal purposes and you will see how the virus entry is reduced and the security of the private cloud increases.