Simple anti thieves measures to protect your home

One family, two stories of theft. Mom and Dad returning from a day at the beach and found that the window next to the front door was broken and had stolen money. It was not necessary to have broken the window because they had left the door unlocked. Spread movie daughter and another day back from a weekend at the lake to find a rock thrown at the door of the terrace and had taken her jewels. He forgot to turn the alarm system in the house. As advertisements are everywhere ‘Solo are human’ say. But the thieves succeed very often, due to obvious errors. There are clear steps that can be taken to minimize the risks when you leave home.

Some measures, such as installing locks and double locks (doors and windows), have a dog or install a security system for the entire house, need to plan ahead. But here are 16 easy precautions you can take:


  • Ask you to withhold mail delivery or have a friend pick you up.
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to park their car from time to time in the driveway and occasionally from home to open or close the curtains.
  • Install lights with motion sensors where a thief cannot reach the bulbs to remove them.
  • Follow the rule 3/6: Trim the bushes in front of the house to no more than 3 feet off the ground and the trees can so that the lowest branches are at least 6 feet high, and where thieves will not hide.
  • Do not hide a spare key anywhere that is remotely obvious to find.
  • Ensures a window air conditioner that is on the ground floor with a clamp on the outside and a safe or lock for sliding window on each side of the window frame.


  • Save empty boxes (especially for expensive items) in the garage until the day they collect the trash.
  • Cover garage windows so no one from outside can see if the car is kept inside.
  • Lock up ladders and tools that thieves could use to force doors and windows and get a steal.
  • Leave a radio on and tuned to a station talks and interviews.
  • Place a timer (timer) on the lamps to turn on and off regularly.
  • Lower the volume of the ringing phone.
  • Consider coating the windows near the door with a shatterproof protective layer to make it harder to break the glass.
  • Hide valuables in a hollowed out book or a false wall.
  • Screw the safes well anchored to the floor, so that thieves cannot get up.
  • Place a stick or solid bar on the rail of a door or sliding window.