Take a vacation and leave your home safe

The whole family can go on vacation is an activity that will leave the best memories of all its members, but the thrill of being able to do it sometimes makes people forget that, while they are traveling, your home (your estate) is will be completely alone, which can leave it more exposed to being stolen.

The highest rate of burglaries recorded during the absence of its inhabitants and committed people who previously knew the movements of the inhabitants.

Therefore, it considered it important to follow simple preventive measures during the holidays, for only thus can make the difference between avoiding you and your assets are victims of crime and become a smaller number of criminal statistic that grows annually.

The alarms serve to prevent something bad from happening, to detect it on time and to alert about what’s going on.

Therefore, alarm systems and remote video surveillance are the ideal tools to minimize risks during absences from home because of the holidays.

Are several solutions at very reasonable prices in the market. Compact and smart cameras, ideal for the safety of domestic environments or for small businesses, stores, restaurants and hotels, which offer excellent image quality and professional monitoring.

There are alternatives that can be accessed from anywhere, either on your computer, tablet or smart phone, live images or recorded with extraordinary image quality digital HDTV.

Are very outdated alarm systems, because only emit a sound but do not communicate with anyone; from the foregoing, it should be monitored more whole house through certain electronic devices, even if you are away. There are many technologies that can hire, they are constantly more sophisticated, so increasingly provide greater security. For example, you can now monitor everything from where you are via the Internet.

Are physical devices that cost from 265 $ (this package could be for very small properties with very low risk level) to more than 2,000 $ for very large buildings. Note that must also pay the monthly fee for monitoring your property. These can range from 250 $ to 700 $ for. You have the possibility of doing the initial outlay for equipment and paying it can go slowly with their monthly payments.

If you have an alarm monitoring service, contact your security company before going on vacation, and make sure all your personal data, as well as emergency contacts, are to-date.

If I have hired someone to clean your home or any other service, is satisfied to teach the proper use of their alarm.

Rest days should be days when we have the peace of mind that in our absence everything still works in the best way possible.

Take precautions before leaving

  • Stay home for at least vulnerable possible, when traveling it is recommended that: Do not discuss his absence strangers.
  • Ask someone you trust pick up your mail. Accumulating correspondence or propaganda is a clear indication that you are not at home.
  • Check that they have secured all windows and doors before leaving home.
  • It has good lighting outside your home, it is recommended to have a sensor lighting.
  • Install a timer or photocell to light a couple of interior lights that are appreciated from the outside overnight.
  • Do not leave ladders or tools like external paddles, as they can be used to enter your home.
  • Temporarily hire a service company rounds with a serious and professional private security, so at least do two rounds during the day. Ask to see evidence of the service delivered (photos via cell phone).
  • Place a high security lock, also pin the door.
  • Avoid announce that goes on vacation, especially on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Inform your trusted neighbor’s plans to go on holiday to enable them to notify the authorities if observing something unusual.
  • Provide the number of cell phone or landline of a family member.
  • Do not leave your house keys available to people extranets.