Technology, control and security for your home and business

It is no secret that the number of thefts and robberies in homes and commercial premises has increased, creating mistrust and insecurity among citizens.

Therefore, some people prefer to do what is within reach to protect theirs. Having a physical presence for the care of goods for 24 hours, it becomes, in many cases, complicated.

However, video surveillance is a comprehensive option to add more security where needed, for as long as desired. Among the benefits obtained from video surveillance equipment is more security, which translates to peace of mind. Who install these devices in their homes express that gives them a sense of protection for both their lives and their property.

With respect to commercial establishments, customers and employees tend to feel more secure when they know that a video surveillance system is in operation.

A video surveillance system will not prevent all crimes, but it becomes a useful tool for solving them; if the system is sophisticated video surveillance will help the authorities to solve a crime or even prevent it.

“The D-Link Systems offer an incredible resolution for identifying faces, forgotten or deliberately left somewhere objects, and can even identify vehicle license plates.

Guides D-Link, explains that with the midline app people can monitor what happens in the space where they have cameras, and also can be configured to, that by the sensor having send alerts when you notice. LA alert arrives via email in real time so that the person can check what’s going on.

This is of particular interest to factories, workshops, warehouses, schools and kindergartens since the authorities can be notified automatically from a fire or other event of danger.

An important factor is the network connection, this should be very good for this kind of cameras work with Internet; The DIR-809 D-Link router is a device designed for users who require higher network performance at the best price.

By connecting the router to a DSL or cable modem, users can share access high speed Internet with any user on the network and create a secure wireless network to share photos, music, video, printers and digital media players to throughout the house.