Ten tips to protect your home during the holidays

The holidays are synonymous with travel but also theft. The number of house raids increases in the summer season, not only because the houses are uninhabited, but also because the criminals have improved their techniques to circumvent obstacles and enter homes.

Given the wave of insecurity that we live in the country, experts in security erasure provide simple tips that could prevent you from being a victim of burglars of houses or other accidents that often occur when a home is alone for an extended period.

Follow these 10 tips to protect your home against burglary

  1. Do not publish information on holidays in social networks, and will avoid displacements give clues to potential thieves.
  2. Try to go on vacation discreetly. For example, if you need to store bags in the car, avoid doing so at rush hour.
  3. Know your neighbors, they may be the first line of defense against theft.
  4. Make sure your home appear inhabited in your absence blinds open or leaving some clothes hanging in the yards.
  5. Ensure and block all entrances. You can put locks on the exterior doors and windows to hinder its opening.
  6. Use automatic lighting devices that are activated to detect any movement and give the appearance that someone is at home.
  7. Save energy and avoid short circuits by unplugging appliances to prevent accidents voltage increases.
  8. Pay special attention to the refrigerator and therm. In the first case to minimize the level of cold and, on the other hand, make sure your home Thermal is completely off.
  9. Remember to close the gas valve to prevent leakage.
  10. Leave the more valuable items in safe deposit boxes, and save money at home deposit it in a bank.