The best locks for home

Security in a home is the highest priority of their owners. Whether you’re at home or elsewhere, knowing that your house and your things are safe and out of reach of intruders is a comforting thought. The Justice Department reports that although crime levels have dropped in recent years, closing the door with the correct locks, is a critical way to keep homes safe. For the safety of the home, there are several durable padlocks for use of each homeowner.

Safety Latches

Many common and ordinary doors can be opened by inserting a plastic card, like a card credit, between the opening between the door and frame. This happens when the latch is flimsy installed. There latches come with carbide reinforcement, which ensures that a card credit a similar object cannot open the door.


Install a sheet is a way to prevent someone force a door open. For durability and safety choose a brass or steel plate with at least one inch (2.54 cm) wide for the main and back entrance. Sheets are also resistant to saws that add more security.

Chapa double cylinder

A sheet of single cylinder requires a key to open the door from the outside and a door handle to open or close from inside. With this lock, thieves can break the glass around the door, allowing them to open the door only by her arm and turning to the safe inside. It is safer to install a plate with double cylinder if the door is glass, since a key is needed to open the safe both from within and from without.

Keyless Locks

Even the use of resistant locks can be opened by thieves working. For further security, there are no locks that the key hole. Although the budget to spend varies from person to person, there are some locks designed with an electronic keypad that opens and closes using a combination padlock, similar to ATMs. There are other features that integrate digital locks fingerprint remote control or which are used generally for stores or buildings of offices.