The burglar alarms do they work?

Burglar alarms have become so common that many new homes are built with pre-installed burglar alarms. But do they work? If you know how to use the alarm and have the equipment installed correctly, the answer is definitely yes. If you use it correctly, or incorrectly installed, you will have a false sense of security that you can put your family and your property at risk.

Description of the zones

An alarm is set by area. A zone is an area of the house is protected. For example, the gateway so generally configured as a zone. The back door will be set to another area. Sliding glass doors create another area. Some sensors can be grouped, and for example, all the windows will be a single zone. Other devices such as motion detectors, smoke detectors, are assigned to other areas. The exception to this is the wireless system, where each sensor is assigned an individual zone.

The purpose of the areas

Zones allow you to set the alarm to exclude an area where a particular input. Also if you have a break, you can go to your keyboard and see which zone the theft occurred. This is especially convenient if the keyboard is installed in the master bedroom and a robbery occurs at midnight.

Off mode

The standard burglar alarms are designed to operate in three basic modes. The shutdown mode removes all protection from intrusion and should be used only when it enters and leaves the house frequently and do not want protection, such as when you have a party and in and out many times.

Easy Mode

When you’re at home and nobody will enter through a time or adjusts the system in Stay mode. If you’re using a gateway (if the kids would be playing in the backyard), set the alarm mode and configure Home to exclude the area (gate) you’re using. This allows children to come and go freely without setting off the alarm, while protecting other areas. When the system is set in the Stay mode your motion detectors are inactive, and this is the main difference between the way Home and Away mode.

Away mode

Set your alarm system in the Away mode at any time that there is no one at home. Away mode active sensors and motion detectors. However, if you have a dog, cat or other animal to be around freely , you must have pet immune detectors movement. Pet immune detectors are designed for them. A pet immune detector to 35 pounds (15.8 kg), is designed not detect pets under 35 pounds.

System Test

Test your system monthly. Test all doors and windows, each should have an input sensor. Test the smoke detectors and motion. Before performing this test, informs the monitoring company, not to take action. When calling to warn you finished taking the test, make sure the alarms are set up. To do a proper analysis, see your owner’s manual.

Knowing your system

Read the owner’s manual to familiarize yourself and your family with the system. Learn more about the panic alarm and other functions. Call control center and tell them to leave unattended while you’re learning how to use: you do not want to give false alarms. Many police stations charge a fee for each false alarm.