The tasks of a security supervisor

A safety supervisor is responsible for maintaining and protecting public and employee health and safety in various industries. Safety supervisors could work in the food industry by making sure they are handled and served correctly, or in a laboratory monitoring the safe handling of chemicals. They could also work together with employees or be uniquely responsible for safety monitoring efforts.

Identification of risk

The safety supervisor is responsible for identifying potential risks within the work environment and public space. Safety supervisors often monitor current work conditions and may investigate employee work locations to indicate potential hazards in the manner of work, the equipment used or the products and services manufactured. Employees must be provided with a safe environment in which to work, one that is free from direct contact with hazardous materials or dangerous equipment, and public safety risks must be identified to protect consumers and members of the public who use or they go through the sites and the work locations.

Implementation of security

When a possible risk factor has been identified in a work environment, function or work process, the safety supervisor is in charge of implementing the necessary changes to rectify them. Working independently or in collaboration with government agencies designed to protect the health and safety of employees, such as OSHA, the supervisor is expected to design and implement reasonable accommodations to improve employee safety. Adjustments could include safety training and the purchase of safe equipment, such as gloves to handle hazardous materials, helmets in construction zones, and security doors or fences for areas that present the risk of someone falling.


In some companies, the safety supervisor works only to identify and implement safe working conditions and procedures. This could be a traditional employee who conducts a generic job function while maintaining the responsibility of observing personal safety and that of his colleagues within that work role. Other supervisors work only within the safety role, and they could move around the company to observe the different work functions, and study and understand how it operates and what safety precautions should be implemented. Other supervisors could work as part of a team within a security organization. The security supervisor would be responsible for observing the training and work of other administrators within the security team.