Tips to protect your house from theft

The number of raids on homes and businesses tends to rise 18% during holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas, said the company ADT.

Electronic security firm said that during 2013 the months in which the highest rates were recorded burglaries were related to Easter, summer holidays and holiday season.

In this context, the company offers a number of measures that would improve safety by going on holiday, such as notifying neighbors about the lack of trust for a certain time and can report if you notice any abnormal situation.

You can ask the same neighbor pick up the mail, then build publicity and letters in the mailbox or driveway is interpreted as absence from home.

Similarly, review suggests that doors and windows are closed residence before leaving, have good lighting on the outside and avoid leaving tools or ladders that thieves can use to enter the house.

Recommends state clearly that has security services, which helps deter thieves and avoid posting the holiday departure on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

If it has an alarm monitoring service, according to a statement from ADT, must notify your security company that will be on holiday and ensure that all your personal information and emergency contacts are updated.